Awards, Life Memberships, & Honours

ABODA makes various awards for the outstanding work of its members. Nominations for these awards are collected by the National Secretary and presented to the National Board or State Officers as appropriate.

This page includes descriptions and recipients of the Awards, Life Memberships, and Honours bestowed by ABODA upon its members.

Outstanding Ensemble Member Certificates

These awards are available to ensembles conducted by ABODA members. Only 5 members per ensemble may be awarded a certificate per year. In providing these awards, ABODA allows its members to recognise members of their own ensembles who have provided outstanding service to the ensemble. The certificates are issued by State presidents.

Life Membership (National Award)

For outstanding service to ABODA nationwide.

Citation of Excellence (National Award)

The citation of excellence is the highest award available to members of ABODA and recognises outstanding personal achievement. It represents peer recognition of the work of the recipient both in Australia and overseas, for both ABODA and the music community. Criteria for the award are:

Nominations will be put forward by State branches of ABODA

  • A limit of one Citation of Excellence may be awarded in any calendar year

  • Nominations will be considered by the Board of Directors in May - July of each year

  • If no suitable candidates are nominated, or if there is lack of consensus from the Board of Directors, then no award will be made for that year

  • Awards will be announced in the October National Newsletter

  • A formal presentation of the Citation of Excellence will be made at the ANBOC following the announcement

  • Nominees should have been ABODA members for no less than five (5) years prior to their nomination

  • Nominees should have provided ongoing outstanding service to ABODA on a National level

  • Nominees should have attained a National, and hopefully, an International profile for their service to music in Australia

  • Nominees should serve as outstanding role models for developing ensemble directors

  • The overall philosophy of nominees must be consistent with the Objects of ABODA National.

Certificate of Excellence - ABODA Excellence Award (Victorian Branch only)

The Certificate of Excellence is awarded for outstanding personal achievement in the field of ensemble directing. Recipients serve as suitable role models for up-and-coming ensemble directors. To be eligible to receive a Victorian Branch Excellence Award, the following criteria should be satisfied:

  • The nominee should have been a member of the Victorian Branch for at least two (2) full years prior to nomination.

  • No more than three Victorian Branch Excellence Awards will be made in any one calendar year.

  • Candidates for the award will be identified by nomination. Each nomination must have a proposer and seconder from amongst current financial members. Each nomination must also state in writing the reasons for the nomination in that particular year.

  • All nominations deemed to have satisfied the above criteria will be scrutinized by the Victorian Branch Committee. Subject to suitability, the Committee will vote on the nominations to determine no more than three recipients.

  • All nominees will be contacted in writing as soon as possible following the Committee vote to confirm the status of their nomination.

  • Nominations will be called for in Term 3 of each year. Successful recipients will be announced in Term 4.

  • The award will take the form of a framed certificate, signed by the state president.

  • The decision of the Victorian Branch Committee will be regarded as final.

ABODA Honour Board

Life Membership (National Award)

2006 - Roland Yeung (VIC)

1998 - Janelle Dawson (WA)

1998 - Russell Hammond (NSW)

1998 - Ralph Hultgren (QLD)

1998 - Andrew Mathers (VIC)

Citation of Excellence (National Award)

2014 - Stephen Williams (NSW)

2010 - Bruce Herriman (WA) Herriman's response upon receiving the award

2004 - Garry Clark (NSW)

2002 - Susan Clark

2000 - Ralph Hultgren (QLD)

1994 - John Embleton

1992 - Russell Hammond (VIC)

Certificate of Excellence - ABODA Excellence Award (Victorian Branch)

This list mirrors part of the ABODA Victoria web site.

2006 - Jemima Bunn, Heather George

2004 - Ken Waterworth, Chris Henzgen, Colin Harris

2002 - Claudia Barker, Roy Hamilton, Brian Hogg

2001 - Andrew Dale, Megan George, Keith Wilson

2000 - Lynette Bridgland, Monte Mumford (TAS), Rob Wagner

1999 - Gary Hommelhoff, Mark Irwin, Roland Yeung