What is ANBOC?

The Australian Band and Orchestra Clinic (ANBOC)is a national ABODA conference. ANBOC brings together professional development, outstanding performances, and networking of directors to a higher level than what can be accomplished within one area. A distinguished collection of international and domestic presenters, conductors and performers form the core of the conference program.

In the years in between each ANBOC, State Branches are encouraged to hold a State Band and Orchestra Clinics or similar events. These State events may best address regional issues and acknowledge outstanding local directors, ensembles and performers. State Congress program often engage presenters from other states. 

ANBOC began in the 1980's as a major ABODA National initiative. It demanded forward planning over two years, and much action and agreement between ABODA National and each State Brach. It was also envisioned that each State Branch would, in turn, act as a host for ANBOC. That commitment of support was embodied in the nomination of a State Office bearer to the position of National President Elect on the National Board.

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