aboda.org.au Objectives

aboda.org.au seeks to provide a significant collection of services to ABODA and its members. This is a work in progress, but many of the initial goals have already been met.

aboda.org.au intends to establish:

  • a public world wide web presence for the Australian Band and Orchestra Directors Association National and State Branches
  • a central location to hold national communication of band and orchestra conductors
  • a structure to support communication in a variety for formats – discussion boards, email, postings, newsletter publications, and document archives
  • information about and links to all current office bearers of ABODA National and State Branches
  • historical information about the association, National and State, and of the development of band and orchestras in Australia in general
  • links to and support of member band and orchestra websites
  • information about upcoming conferences and professional development activities, including
    • accommodation and travel
    • on-line registration and payment
    • presentation abstracts and session information
    • concert details
    • trade display details
  • archives of past conferences and newsletters including papers, reports and reviews
  • a national resource where each State Branch may administer their own content, allow member access, and/or link to existing State assets
  • a website structured according to common principles and policies and with a common style
  • a forum for member discussion of specific issues
  • PayPal support for purchase of memberships, services, and other items from the ABODA Shop
  • separate public and members-only sections